Rose Red - Universal 3-in-1 Easy Clip-On Wide-Angle, Macro, Fish Eye Lenses for Phones and Tablets

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Three Great Lenses to turn Mobile Photography into a true art form!

With the PureOrange 3-in-1 lens kit, you will unleash your creativity and take shots that stand out from the crowd. By expanding the limitations of your phone or tablet, you will be able to experiment with different angles and depths of field to take that amazing picture.

Using the two universal Clip-on lens holders with silicon pads, you screw the lens of your choice into the clip and simply place it over your device's camera. The universal design of the clip allows you to use it easily with a multitude of different portable devices and it even works with laptop webcams.

Our lens kit includes a Fish Eye Lens, a Wide Angle Lens and a Macro Lens.

180 Degrees Fish Eye Lens

Using this ultra wide-angle lens, you create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image. Much wider than the Wide-Angle Lens, cityscapes or interior photos makes everything look you are living in a bubble.

0.36X Super Wide Angle Lens

Include more of the scene in the photos you take. Detailed beautiful landscapes or large groups of people are much easier to photograph when you use a wide angle.

15X Macro Lens

Try extreme close-up photography with the Macro Lens. Get super close to your objects and capture ultra-sharp photos greater than life size.

What's In The Box

1 x 3-in-1 iPhone camera Lens Kit
2 x Detachable Clamps
3 x Lens Covers
1 x Microfiber Cloth carrying pouch
1 x Instructional Card

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